Organization Settings

Huxelerate Sensor Platform interface to Microsoft Azure to create and handle all the resources linked to the projects that you will create inside the Platform. The scope of the Platform is limited to a Microsoft Azure Subscription. You can use an existing Microsoft Azure Subscription, or create a new one specifically for the Platform. The Platform will perform all the operations on the Microsoft Azure Subscription through a Service Principal that can be created for this task.

Specific permissions must be granted to the Service Principal to allow the Platform to perform the needed operations on your Microsoft Azure Subscription.

Credentials & Permissions

The instructions to retrieve all the tokens, to create the Service Principal and to grant it the required permissions, are available inside the Platform.

Organization Settings in Platform

Once the credentials have been inserted, and the permission to the Service Principal granted, it is possible to click on SAVE CREDENTIALS to store them in the Platform. At this point, you are ready to start creating a project.