Projects Creation

Project Creation

To create a project, simply navigate to the Projects section from the side bar menu, and click on CREATE NEW PROJECT.

Project creation inputs

The Platform will ask for some details regarding your project and in particular:

  • Project Name: the name that identifies the project inside the Platform.

  • Azure IoT Central Application Url: the name of your Azure Central Application where your meaningful data is going to be published. Currently, the Platform does not handle the creation of an Azure Central Application for you. Inside this field, you have to type in the name of the application without the suffix.

  • Azure IoT Central API token: the SAS Builder Token that you can generate inside your Azure Central Application. This will be used by the Platform to create Device Templates and Devices inside ure Azure Central Application. Such devices act as proxies for the Virtual Sensor you will create inside the project.

  • Project Type: select your project type from 4 categories: Connected Health, Smart Building, Smart Industry or Other.

Project creation inputs filled

Fill all the details with your project data and click on CREATE.

Project creation: Platform automated steps

Once all the details are analyzed, the Platform will start creating all the necessary resources on your Microsoft Azure Subscription. From this point all the resources are managed by the Platform and should not be modified by the user to avoid unexpected behaviors.

When the resources are ready, the Platform will automatically update and open your new project.

Project ready

You are now ready to start creating your Virtual Sensors.